UK customs charges for USA repairs

Ok, Im hopefully going to save someone a real headache and a possible thrombosis,
If anyone has been following my thread, I bought a large format S12 1 year ago for a bargain here in the UK but it turned out to be beyond my abilities to sort out so I received help through Dave Wheeler in Nashville to look at them if he could assist, it turned out that they needed to go to Harrison down the road from Dave.

After Harrison Audio LLC received my 2 slaves and master Nubus cards they repaired the 2 slaves and posted them back via FEDEX priority with a suggestion to insure them for a replacement value of $10,000. This figure they state on the invoice as replacement value – not to be confused with actual value which is subject to a customs charge.
I received an email from FEDEX to say that the package was being held by UK customs who require £1700 + vat duty. They based this on the stated replacement value on the invoice.

Here is the important bit – DO NOT SEND THESE ITEMS OVER WITH A FRIEND TO SAVE MONEY!! You need to show a record of sending the item out of the UK otherwise they think you could be importing them and you will have to pay this huge fee. Keep a record of the postage trail. Video the items not working if you can, post on youtube to share the link to prove this is genuine.
After finding all the proof (luckily) I argued that they should only charge a % for the value of the service not the replacement value. I was ready to put up a fight when my original package suddenly appeared stating ‘Customs cleared.’ There was no charge. You can imagine my relief..Hope this helps someone.




  1. September 4, 2019  8:26 pm by maikol

    Wow thanks for that Rob, I'm glad you ended up getting the goods without having to pay the huge fee !


  2. September 8, 2019  3:54 pm by Billsbuddy2

    Phew..indeed. Have you managed to sell yours yet?
    I plugged the cards in today but still I have an error "No router information for router 0!'
    The desk comes alive now with some functionality but it's not happy, touch screen function does not work now and some channels dont light up...I am beginning to get frustrated. Deep breath..I'll start from step 1. At least the cards seem to be working which is progress...Anyone coming to the UK let me know!

    • September 25, 2019  10:57 am by maikol

      Hey Rob !
      My console is not yet sold, but some discussions are taking place with a very interested potential buyer. :)
      Actually, this person already has a S12, but is having quite a bit of problems making it work well, so hopefully my console should be helpful there (along with being used in one of their future studios). Hope you get yours working well soon !

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