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Author Topic: err rcving on one side of console
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Post err rcving on one side of console
on: June 12, 2017, 18:55

A few days ago the small PSU for channels 1 to 4 went down and the fader control cards were burnt out. We ran the system for a couple of days without a PSU in that first bay - we have a 2x6 bay frame with faders 1 to 16 on the LHS and fadrers 17 to 24 on the RHS with various other panels in between, including the main shared panel.
Without the PSU in the first bay the system labelled itself as 1 to 12 on the LHS ( starting from the old fader 5 position ) and 17 to 24 on the RHS, although we could access channels 13 to 16 via the shared panel if needed.
Then the other day the control surface would not power up properly and the processor displays under the console were showing ' err rcving2 which we guess means an error receiving the system data.
After working on this for a while we were able to have the whole system working properly but without the LHS of the console on. Our full system is 48 channels and we could operate the system via the RHS of the control surface along with the Touchscreen Monitor.
The LHS of the console will not start up properly. The faders jump on power up, but it does not go through it's normal startup sequence and then just sits there as if waiting for data. After deleting code we were getting the 'err rcving' message, or it would just sit there with the display reading ' Code Req dev:P r:0 xu:0'.
So I guess we have tried everything we can think of, but we are by no means experts on this system.
Has anyone had anything like this before ?
Or can anyone think of anything else to try ?
Many thanks in advance for any ideas or help.



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Post Re: err rcving on one side of console
on: July 4, 2017, 13:37


I've read this a couple of times but have been too busy to think more about it until now.

I'm NOT the expert of troubleshooting, but at least I could try to help.

What do you mean with 'fader control cards were burnt out'? Nothing was smoked, right? Only didn't power up?

Did you get a new PSU for ch 1-4?

Does the Harrison Shell display 'READY'? I e does it get in contact with the NuBus cards?

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Post Re: err rcving on one side of console
on: August 7, 2017, 20:48

first thing that comes to my simple mind: is the data cable still where it should be? you never know when you're juggling around a console and checking stuff if you accidentally unplug something ...

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